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Current Board of Trustees

President - Rich Bunch
Vice-President - David Scott 
Maintenance Trustee - Steve Cox
Security Trustee - Dan Richardson
Office Trustee - Teresa Alvis

We Can Now Accept
Credit/Debit Cards!!

(American Express, Discover, Mastercard & Visa)

A 3.2% Convenience Fee + .30¢ Transaction fee
 will be added to each transaction.

- CC payments can only be accepted during office hours by phone or in person.
Photo by Twila Malkerson October 2018
2020 Annual Newsletter
& Election

Check your mailbox for the 
Annual Newsletter and Absentee Ballot
1. ***Pumpouts Must Be Done Every 6 Months Max!***
 DNR visited our plant and said the toxicity levels increase higher & higher the longer the waste sits in a holding tank. Our Ammonia levels are extremely high and have been for many months! 

2. ***He also stated "clear water" is equally harmful!!***
The more clear water that drains into holding tanks disrupts the balance of good & bad bacteria. 

3. ***Use ONLY BLEACH to clean your toilet!!***
 No more than ONE CUP of concentrated bleach should be used PER WEEK. Do Not Use any other cleaning supply, deodorizer or septic system additive!  

Per the Maintenance Dept,! Do not flush anything else!! No paper towels, feminine products, etc. This is clogging up the filters in our plant. 

When winterizing your place for winter months, SIGN UP to be pumped out ONE time during those months (Nov-Mar). This will help keep you within 6mth range & No "waiting" come springtime equals less Stress!!

6. ***6 Month Extension Exception*** 
Contact the office when you leave for winter (1) & then immediately upon your return in the spring(2), as long as your tank is empty when you leave(3), the 6 Month requirement will be waived! (EACH STEP MUST BE COMPLETED-NO EXCEPTIONS !!)

Effective Aug 1, 2019 Attention Off-Road Riders - Property Owners & Guests:  

When entering the gate, you will be asked to sign an "Indemnity Agreement for Any Off-Road Vehicles". Property Owners will be asked to come to the gate to sign for their guests the first time. Each signer will receive a card that will let the guard know you have already signed for this year. This will only be required once a year. The $10 fee will still be required from each guest ATV upon each visit.


There will NO LONGER be small dumpsters due to someone is dumping HUMAN WASTE in the dumpsters. As well as dumping other items outside of household trash. The dumpster is being monitored and person(s) responsible will receive a $1000 fine and time in jail because this draws in the Health Dept and Dept of Natural Resources. 5 Sm dumpsters is $778 a month and now the cost is $4000 a month for the 1 dropbox dumpster. Until the person is caught, this will be cost for trash disposal!

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