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Bent Tree Harbor
Bent Tree Harbor
Photo by Twilla Malkerson


Now is the time to think about your winter pump-outs. To stay in compliance with the 6-month requirement, you can have your tank pumped at the end of summer, and be put on our winter exception list. This is how it works:

    •Let us know when you plan to close up for the season
    •We’ll go check the levels in your tank, pump you out if necessary, and add you to the list
    •Let us know BEFORE you come back in the spring
    •We’ll check the levels in your tank again
    •If the levels are the same, you will be given the 6-month exception

You can also just schedule ahead of time a pump-out during the winter months to keep you in compliance with the 6-month rule.


Ricky Bunch - President
Dwayne Harris - Vice President
Brad Mallinson - Maintenance
Paul Malkerson - Security
Gary Jeffries - Office
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